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ФАКУЛТЕТ ПЕДАГОШКИХ НАУКА УНИВЕРЗИТЕТА У КРАГУЈЕВЦУ, ЈАГОДИНА Милана Мијалковића 14, 35000 Јагодина, Тел/Факс: +381 (0)35 8223-805, Тел: +381 (0)35 8222-262


In Jagodina, July 18, 2022

Dr Vera Savić presented at the international conference Future Challenges in Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education (ELLME2022), held at the University of Granada, Spain, on 22-24 June 2022, where she was an invited speaker for the primary experts’ panel, chaired by dr Nayr Ibrahim, Nord University, Norway. The plenary was held on June 23, 2022. Dr Vera Savić presented a research paper titled Context-sensitive assessment practice: Does assessment support learning?. The conference was attended by 125 speakers in its face-to-face format, while 113 speakers presented online. Plenary sessions were recorded and available online on the conference website until the end of July 2022.

Dr Savić’s Report

In Jagodina, December 18. 2020

Important  Announcement:

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Eleni Griva, Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Western Macedonia – Greece, will be holding an online lecture titled Promoting Inter/Multicultural Awareness in the Foreign Language Classroom for the master students of the Faculty of Education, Module of Teaching English to Young Learners, on Tuesday, 22 December, 2020, at 14.00 (to 15.15). The lecture will be in English. All student teachers interested in the topic will be able to join the lecture through ZOOM link (to be provided soon).

Short Bio:

Dr Eleni Griva is a Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Western Macedonia – Greece.  She is the Director of the Research Institute of Greek Language, the Director the Postgraduate Program “ Educational Studies and Information Technologies” and the Vice-Director of the  of the Postgraduate Program “ Educational Studies: Teaching Modern Greek Language”. Her research interests focus on: Teaching an L2/FL to young learners, Intercultural communication, Teaching Greek as an L2/FL, Teaching Greek to Greek Diaspora, Language Learning Strategies, Bilingualism/multilingualism,   Alternative Assessment.

The link for attending the lecture:  https://uowm.zoom.us/j/99459813264

In Jagodina, July 12, 2020

The first meeting of the Scientific Committee (SC) of IRCELL was held online on July 9, 2020, from 11.00 (12.00) to 12.20 (13.20). Besides the SC members from two partner universities (Univesity of Western Macedonia, Greece, and University of Kragujevac, Serbia), the meeting was attended by a representative of the management of the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, of which IRCELL is a research unit and where it has its headquarters.

The Agenda had been prepared by the Chairperson and Head of IRCELL in Serbia, Dr Vera Savić, in collaboration with the Head of IRCELL in Greece, Dr Eleni Griva, and involved the following issues:

  1. Welcome words
  2. Introductions and verification of positions in IRCELL and in SC
  3. Planning the activities of IRCELL
  4. Planning a joint Erasmus + KA2 project
  5. Other issues: voting for the logo of IRCELL
  6. Closing words: UWM Vice Rector’s written message

The discussions were rather productive and the members proposed activities that could be carried out at the beginning of the new academic year, mainly as a variety of online teacher training programmes and lectures at post-graduate level.  The focal activities in the next academic year will be preparation of an application for a joint Erasmus+ project and an application for a bilateral project funded by the MoESTD of Serbia. At the end of the meeting a message sent to the SC by the Vice-Rector of the UWM, Professor Nikolaos Sariannidis, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare, was read:

I would like to greet the Dean and the Vice-Deans of theFaculty of Education, the members of the Research Centre, and all the academic staff that particpate in this meeting. Particularly, I would like to congratulate Professor Vera Savić and Professor Eleni Griva for having taken the initiative to establish the Research Centre and I express my support for your effort. I hope the Centre will achieve and sustain excellence in research and provide high-quality training and education activity. Moreover, on behalf of the University of Western Macedonia and on my own behalf, I declare that we re committed to work toward the advancement of our cooperation with the University of Kragujevac and to contribute together to sustainable development of education and research across borders. – Professor Nikolaos Sariannidis

Dr Vera Savić
SC Chairperson, Head of IRCELL
Faculty of Education in Jagodina
University of Kragujevac, Serbia

Establishment of cooperation by signing the Inter-Institutional Agreement between the University of Western Macedonia, Greece, and the University of Kragujevac, Serbia, within the Erasmus+ Programme

In February 2020 the University of Western Macedonia, Greece, and the University of Kragujevac, Serbia, signed the Inter-Institutional Agreement within Erasmus+ Programme.

The Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement is a new step in the cooperation beween the two universities that started in January 2020 by signing Cooperation Agreement, and continued in February 2020 with the establishment of the mutual International Research Centre for Early Language Learning (IRCELL), with headqurters at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina. The Agreement will help build bridges and foster mutual activities of the two institutions, as well as support wider participation in education projects for cooperation and mobility.