Факултет педагошких наука

ФАКУЛТЕТ ПЕДАГОШКИХ НАУКА УНИВЕРЗИТЕТА У КРАГУЈЕВЦУ, ЈАГОДИНА Милана Мијалковића 14, 35000 Јагодина, Тел/Факс: +381 (0)35 8223-805, Тел: +381 (0)35 8222-262

International relations

Throughout its history, the Faculty of Education in Jagodina has aimed at establishing, nurturing and developing cooperation with other universities, both in the country and abroad, as well as other international organizations that are engaged in the higher education field. In line with previously said, here you can check the list of the signed bilateral agreements of cooperation with a number of foreign universities in Europe.


  1. Promotion of existing and development of new study programmes in English that will enrich the academic offer at the Faculty for both outgoing and incoming students;
  2. Support to promotion of language skills (English and other foreign languages) of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, which will ensure their active participation in the process of Faculty internationalization.
  3. Increase of the number of incoming and outgoing mobilities (students, researchers, teaching and administrative staff).
  4. Raising the level of cooperation with foreign higher education institutions with which University of Kragujevac has already signed cooperation agreements.
  5. Raising visibility of academic offer at the Faculty in order to attract foreign students, teachers and researchers.
  6. Administrative and legal preparation in order to provide the conditions for higher participation rate in international funding programmes within Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 and other programmes.
  7. Raising the visibility of research capacities and results achieved at the Faculty at national and international level.
  8. Definition and establishment of the unique monitoring system for the implementation of the Internationalization Strategy and regular reporting on achieved results.