Fakultet pedagoških nauka

FAKULTET PEDAGOŠKIH NAUKA UNIVERZITETA U KRAGUJEVCU, JAGODINA Milana Mijalkovića 14, 35000 Jagodina, Tel/Faks: +381 (0)35 8223-805, Tel: +381 (0)35 8222-262

Outgoing students (Konkursi za studente FPNJ)

The Erasmus+ Student Mobility programme is a brilliant opportunity to:

  • enhance your CV  – stand out in the European graduate recruitment market
  • become immersed in a different culture
  • make new friends
  • improve your language skills.

Language requirements

Students have to provide proof of their language proficiency already at the time of application. Only those students who attend English language module may get the certificate from their teacher. The required language proficiency is prescribed by the host university (and it is usually at least B2).

Student mobility funding (Serbian: Konkursi za studente)



Check the video that represents the experiences from our outgoing students.